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Photo Friday – Emotions – Peace At Last!

This week’s Photo Friday topic is Emotions.  To see the photo in full view and meaning, please click on my photo blog at http://cordiebpics.wordpress.com/ (unfortunately this layout is not very photo friendly). 

Please click on these links to see everyone eles’s beautiful photo’s displaying "Emotions."

Curious State of Affairs

Tall Chick Tales


Just for fun

Curious C




To join in on the fun, click on the pink Photo Friday box above.

Have a Happy Friday. 



  Glenn wrote @


This is such a precious shot. Cocoa is so small, she could fit on Greg’s torso and still leave some space to spare.

Perhaps the only void I’ve had in my life that I truly regret has been the inability to reproduce children. I honestly believe I would make a great pop — even, and especially, at this age.

Who knows, maybe medical science will come up with a new drug soon know as sperm strengtheners. Why not? Look at all the once-impotent men who were given a second chance by Viagra

  Tall T wrote @

hey Cordie!

Just seeing that baby snuggled up with her pop-pop makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also understand your feeling relief at the site.

Everyone had such great photos this week.

I love the Cocoa name too!

  Cordieb wrote @

@Glenn – Thanks Glenn. I’m sure you would make a great papa!

@Tall T. Thanks Tall T. Everyone’s Photo Friday was so great this week. I’ve got to figure out some pics for next week.

Peace, Light and Love to you and yours . . . CordieB.

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