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True Words of Wisdom . . .

Copyright 1979 by Cooper Edens

If tomorrow morning the sky falls… have clouds for breakfast.
If night falls, use the stars for street lights. If the moon gets stuck in a tree, cover the hole in the sky with a strawberry. If you have butterflies in your stomach… ask them into your heart.

If your heart catches in your throat… ask a bird how she sings.
If the birds forget their songs, listen to a pebble instead. If you lose a memory, embroider a new one to take its place. If you lose the key, throw away the house. If the clock stops… use your own hands to tell time.

If the light goes out, wear it around your neck and go dancing. If the bus doesn’t come… catch a fast cloud. If it’s the last dance, dance backwards. If you find your socks don’t match, stand in a flowerbed. If your shoes don’t fit, give them to the fish in the pond. If your horse needs shoes… let him use his wings.

If the sun never shines again… hold fireflies in your hands to keep warm. If you’re afraid of the dark… remember the night rainbow. If there is no happy ending… make one out of cookie dough.

Love vs. Religion

My blog friend Marie wrote this some time ago.  I’ve shared it once before, but I love it so much, and feel so compelled to share it that I’m reposting once more.  Peace, Light and Love, CordieB. 

There was this girl who was Christian and this guy who was Muslim they fell in love. They wanted to get married and live their lives together. Then Religion was brought into the relationship. He told her that if they got married the kids would have to be his religion. She quickly responded that she wanted her kids to be Christians. There was an invisible wall put up between them from that moment on. Her love for him grew strong and she even thought that maybe she could change him or find a way to persuade him that it could work. But this thought of how much she loves Jesus kept coming into her mind and that her kids would not be able to feel that love from Jesus or for Jesus if she was marry him and have kids with him. He was also very concerned if he would marry her about the fate of their children’s soul. He told her that if she could not agree that the children would be Muslim then they would have to end the relationship.

Many nights she cried herself to sleep over this situation then one morning while crying her heart out to Jesus she heard a very stern voice. The voice said, “My plan is greater than your plan, you asked me to bring you a husband that you can love with all of your heart and he would love you with all of his heart and I did, do not make this complicated don’t allow your differences to destroy a LOVE that has come from above.”

She wasn’t sure on how to interpret this voice her heart was telling her to be with her true love but the pressure from what she learned through her religion and society was also preaching at her.

Well, they separated he went his way she went her way. They often thought of each other and prayed for each other and the thoughts filled with that burning love would flow in the wind across oceans and deserts reminding each that they still exist and that they were each others true love. She soon married and man who was Christian and who loved her dearly, and she gave birth to a handsome boy.

He married also to a beautiful woman who was also a Muslim they tried to have kids but later found out he was not able to give her children.

Years passed by her son grew older she was please that she had the chance to bring her child up in the church and teach him about Jesus and his love.

 One day her world came crashing down around her. Her handsome son returned home from college and he was a changed man! He told her about this religion that was introduced to him and how it touched his heart so deeply and he knows that it is right for him. Her son had converted to Islam. 

~ The End~