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Photo Friday-Doors, Doorways, and Entries


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Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Doors, Doorways, and Entry’s

You can view other participants entries at:

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Sky Windows


Just for fun

Curious C


The House that Jack Built

The House that Jack Built



The House that Jack Built II

The Gate Jack Walked Out Of!

The was the dream of an upright man
This was the room that was filled with love
This was a love that I was proud of
This was a life of a love I planned
Of a love and a life we loved
Of the house that Jack built.
Remember this house!

There was the fence that held our love,
There was the gate that he walked out of
This is the heart that is turned to stone
This was the house, but it ain’t no home
This is the love that I once had
In a dream that I thought was love,
This is the house that Jack built,
I’m gonn’ remember this house!



  Author wrote @


A really thought provoking post. The two images (Diptychs) tell a sad story emphasized by the words of the haunting song. Like Tina’s images – yours too are deeply symbolic.

They may be simple photos of a house and a gate – but they say reams. I always think the imagination, once trigered, is more powerful than a thousand words. And you well and truly triggered it with these pics.

The photos took me straight back to my own sad past – to a time when my first husband abondoned me for another woman. The children were very young and we were all devastated. I can picture us all now, myself and my two sons, hugging each other and all crying. Sorry if I’m bringing up personal stuff on your blog – especially on Photo Friday!

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  skywindows wrote @

((( Hugs ))))

Beautiful poem to go with the pics of the house that Jack built.

I feel as though we are sisters at heart.


  skywindows wrote @

The spider video kinda scared me…. ewww spiders!

  Cordieb wrote @

@Tina and Author. The past is the past. . . let us not forget the past so that we won’t ever repeat our foolish choices in life. Thanks for being who you are. Kindred souls are we! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  CuriousC wrote @

wow – what an awesome collection! powerful. photos, poem, song, spider. WOW.

  CuriousC wrote @

PS – read my latest post… it was you I think I saw!!! http://ideajump.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/golly-gee/

  cordieb wrote @

@Curious C. Thanks for the positive comment – but thanks even more for the wonderful laugh; I’m still imagining you walking up to a stranger saying, are you CordieB, my blog buddy? (ROFL) . Peace, Light and Love, as always . . . CordieB.

  gypsy-heart wrote @

His loss CordieB…his loss!

Such things made you what you are…and what an amazing you!!

Thank you for BEING CordieB!

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