Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Looking in the Mirror Reflected By Others

Everyone comes into our life to mirror back to us some part of ourselves we cannot or will not see. They show us the parts we need towork on or let go of. They reveal to us the things we do and the effects they have on ourselves and others. They say to us openly the things we say to ourselves silently. They reveal to us the fears, doubts, weaknesses and character flaws we know we have but refuse to address or acknowledge. We can usually see the faults of thers very clearly. We all have people in our lives who anger or annoy us, who rub us the wrong way. They may bring pain and disruption. They may reject us, abandon us and create some sort fo harm. Before we ge busy trying to fix the person or remedy the situation, we should ask ourselves, "Why is this person in my life?" "What am I doing to draw this person to myself?" "How do I need what they do, and how can I release this need?" When we we cleanse, heal, and bring ourselves into balance, everyone in our lives will do the same or disappear.

I Will Receive Everything I Ask For, But Only If I Really Want It.

Ann spent six and a half months living in a basement with rats and mice.  Every day she prayed for a safe place to sleep.  her prayers were finally answered.  A Friend offered her the living room sofa.  After two weeks of living out of shopping bags, she starte praying again.  "Please!  All I want is a rom with a bed."  Three months later her daily prayer was heard.  She founda six-by-nine-foot room with enough space for her body, a bed, and four milk carts to hold her clothes.  Why didn’t Ann ask for a three-bedroom house with a basement, backyard and garage?  Because like most of us, Ann’s tendency was to limit God.  For some reason we get stuck in our immediate need and we think God is stuck there too.  We believe that the one who created the earth, sun, stars, mountains, rivers, oceans and trees has nothing left to give.  How long will it take us to realize we have an unlimited account with the universal bank?  Our prayers make the withdrawals.  Our faith is the deposit.

From Acts of Faith, Iyanla Vanzant.


  johnnypeepers wrote @

The lives, actions, and relationships we encounter are mile-markers that indicate our progress in the life journey. The reactionary emotions we feel when we are wronged, abused, mistreated, or hurt are signals that we can grow from, or punish ourselves with. Emotions are sign posts designed to notify us when we are achieving oneness, or running off track. mankind is socialized to operate with his neolithic reptilian brain – automatic reflexive responses to pain, danger, or violence. We no longer need to embrace these animal instincts. Our consciousness is love, and love alone. Flee from the hatas, the back-biters, and the manipulators. They are living in the past.

  SanityFound wrote @

What is sad that so often people do not observe it as a reflection, an opportunity to learn but rather just write the other off. Great post Cordie! Mwah!

  cordieb wrote @

@Peeps. “Flee from the hatas, the back-biters, and the manipulators. They are living in the past.” Sadly, Peeps, they are not living in the past, they live right now! If you are not careful, you might end up sleeping with one! You can not heal yourself from that which you do not acknowledge.
Peace, Light and Love,

  cordieb wrote @

@SanityFound. We can learn something and gain something from everyone, including our enemys. Jesus’s mission would not have been accomplished had it not been for Judus. I’m just blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life – but there was a time when the majority of all I attracted were the malicious type. It was because I needed to be loved so much that I settled for any type of love. Once I began loving self, I was able to love genuenly and those malicious types seemed to have vanished – poof! into thin air.

Peace, Light and Love,

  Sue Ann Edwards wrote @

Smiling…your Insight is proving to be True to you {{cordieb}}

One with God never flees anything, that’d be *dumb* quite honestly, for what has God got to fear, what does ALL THAT IS not embrace?

We simply need to get in touch with our desire nature, asking ourselves why we desire what we do, probing deeply into ourselves, for the universe answers EVERY SINGLE one of our requests. We simply don’t realize what we’re asking FOR most of the time.

And we need to be specific…like when we ask for a boyfriend or lover…be sure and be specific…specify one without horns and a tail.

  johnnypeepers wrote @

What I meant Cordie was that “they” are living in the past, not “we”. Us and them are operating on two concurrent dimensions in real time. Some of us are evolved and some of us direct negative energy on others due to their decision to not evolve. I agree that you cannot heal yourself from what you do not acknowledge. Refusing to acknowledge darkness does not require any medicine though.

Are you still gonna contact me on security issues?

  cordieb wrote @

I know Peeps. I used to phase out my darkness and others in all sorts of ways, including medicine, people, sex, drugs, over-working, cleaning house, even religion, but that’s a whole other post. I’m not sure how much I’ve evolved per se, but I finally feel as though I’m moving in the right direction, at least most of the time. In my experiences in life, directing negative on negative negates both forces. (negative + negative = double negative). Enlightening negative forces usually works for me, but not always. But at least the seed of love is planted.

Oh yes, Peeps, I almost forgot. Thanks for the reminder. How do you disable the ability to copy text on your blog? Although it is quite annoying at times (as I have to re-type anything I quote of yours in your comments), I’m thinking about using this feature on my riddles for copyright purposes, in case I ever decide to to write a book or something. I’m thinking about what I can do to help with homelessness (perhaps use proceeds from a book), since this issue has hit so close to home with me. Anywho. . . thanks for giving me your views – your way certainly works for you. You’re way too inpassive to spread love to the lovenots, so it would only be phoney (unreal) – so keep doing it like you’re doing it, as long as it works for you!

Peace, Light and Love,

  johnnypeepers wrote @

You got me Cordie, I have no clue about preventing text copying. I apologize for not being able to help.

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