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Blogging Without Obligation

I’m taking a day off – but it’s so funny, that whenever I fail to write a post or reply to comments expediently, I feel this feeling of anxiety.  I just want everyone to know, that some days I just have those days when I’m feeling sort of blah. . .today’s one of those.  So, if I don’t reply as fast as I normally do; or I simply don’t have anything to say for a while – remember, I love you all and truly appreciate all you say and do.   I may even be peeking in on you in silence.   I realize that you have those days too – but I felt obligated to let you know this one time.  So, today I’m BWO.    Click on the BWO pic for the full defintion, that is, of course, if you so choose! 

Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb. 




  Glenn wrote @

Oh Cordie,

I have the same exact problem. With me, it’s about my Type-A personality, which constantly needs to be completely organized without qualification.

I’ve always had this fear that if I don’t stay on top of life, it will get on top of me and crush me. This is why I am practicing living one moment at a time. I used to try a day at a time, but even that was too heavy for me!

Does that make any sense?

  cordieb wrote @

@Glen. I know what you mean. As much as I need rest, I was still awaiting your answer to that last question on the riddle, and I can’t leave you hanging with this question. But the answer is I can feel where you’re coming from. I’ve got to go lay down, so rest well my brother! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  enreal wrote @

Cordie!!! You needn’t explain… I liked the link… I know how it feels… I just want to let my friend know I truly appreciate them, as do you… You have turned into a light of inspiration for me… I truly feel your energy, and its lovely 🙂

@Enreal – {{hugs}}. Thanks for your most kind words. You too are an inspiration to me! Continue to let your angelic essense co-exist. Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.

  SanityFound wrote @


  Glenn wrote @


I guess we need to start a new 12-Step program called Compulsive Bloggers Anonymous (CBA).

@Glenn. Hello, my name is CordieB, and i’m a compulsive blogger – My first experience started when I was 43 and it’s been uphill every since (ha ha). The first step to recovery is admitting one has a problem- 11 more steps to go. I think I’ll pass on the recovery group for now though. I’m an unwilling participant! Besides, where else can you get free advice and top of the line psychiatrists – with great music and stories to beat! Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.

  persistentillusion wrote @

Enjoy!! I celebrated Christmas of 2007 that way too. No obligations. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

@PI. I may be checking into bloggers anonymous. It didn’t happen, as you may very well see. Step 1, stop the denial – as you so often advise. Peace!

  Grace wrote @

🙂 Hello, my name is Grace and I’m a Blogoholic…I’ve been sober for….uh…..hummmm 😉

Living LIFE without ‘obligation’ is a wonderful thing to!!! LOL (which isn’t about being irresponsible, if you know what I mean)


  cordieb wrote @

@Grace and Glenn. I think we may have started something here. It is quite addictive though, really – but so less harmful than some of my past addictions, so what the H.

@Grace. LWO, now that’s got to be a free feeling. You know how I feel on that subject dear Grace – enjoy it while it’s happening, I’ve got a strange feeling it wont last too much longer- that’s a whole other post. {{Hugs}}

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