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Few are able to resist me – once my flowery opium-fragrant mist is inhaled – A Spiritual Riddle

Photo derived from Showee and is licensed under a creative commons.

I was born long ago on a distant hillside by a beautiful shade tree

Or perhaps by a river under the sunset or on a sandy beach with a deep blue sea

I was created in bliss to demolish man’s selfish ways and give an alternate view of their false reality.

I was born in the eyes of a man and a woman; perchance Venus and Mars, or perhaps Adam and Eve.

Their first glances into each other’s translucent eyes released my spirit; set me free!


I gave them the spirit to bring forth life to new generations through each other;

I disguised the pain of intercourse into intense pleasure; oh! how they clung to each other!

I extended great cacoethes and courage like none they had ever known.

They actually wanted to help each other though all obstacles and life’s unknown!


I masked their selfishness so they would work together to overcome universal elements;

I was borne to enable them to combine there strengths; forget self-discriminates;

But I had been contained so long, that I lost control, as soon as their glances set me free.

I easily took over these poor humans’ hearts and minds and completely distorted their reality;

I wanted to test them and myself to see just how far I could take them; how strong I could be.

I found that I was limited by my father, time, and my mother, space, they soon tamed and admonished me!


Even today, my badness feels so good, it releases euphoric dopamine;

My power so intoxicating – I can be your worst enemy or your best friend;

My tales are so captivating, I can make a wrong man do right and a right woman do wrong.

So addictive is my essence, I can make one come home early or stay out all night long. (whew!)


Few have been able to resist me – once my flowery, opium-fragrant mist is inhaled;

I’m so irresistible – there are very few obstacles for which I can’t prevail;

I’ve provided inertia to win wars, climb mountains; cross many lands and seas;

I have the venomous poison of a serpent and the sweet sting of a thousand honeybees!

(oh my!)

I’m the secret to the fountain of youth; yet my fountain can be limited;

By the humdrum of ennui , my aforementioned parents and familiarity unlimited;

I build a tolerance of such – it takes more of me to keep my victims high;

Until I’m simply not enough to keep my subjects flying wildly into unlimited skies;

So they shed their wings and suddenly they fall from sister grace that kept them suspended;

In the clouds of unlimited possiblities. Sadly, their glorious illusionary trip has ended.


But if you’re smart or lucky, you’ll invite my oldest sister, love,  into your heart;

She’s intelligent and compassionate, reality and illusion she easily distinguishes apart.

She embodies strength that’s enduring, though more supbtle than my dying passion;

She’s not a trend; she’s got class and opulence- her style is never out of fashion.


But if ever you need me to cultivate your desires, rejuvinate your passion, and negate your trust –

Close your eyes, take me in; devour me; but remember! in a few seasons I will turn into star dust;

Hopefully my loving and gracious sisters will save you from the emptiness I’ll leave upon your yearning bust;

I am the young, beautiful, and captivating, yet short lived sister of grace and love; I am (click below for answer)

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