Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Photo Friday – Juxtaposition

God loves all his creation! All are most wonderful and beautiful! – no matter the size, statute, color, age, fragrance or how they are juxtapositioned.


 This weeks word is Juxtaposition –

The urban dictionary definition: 1.  Contrasts and differences shown side by side or together.2.  Standing next to ugly people in order to make yourself look really hot.  


Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Juxtaposition

To join in on the fun, click on the pink Photo Friday box above.

You can view other participants entries at:

Curious State of Affairs


Just for fun

Curious C



  Author wrote @

Great first entry Cordieb! Hope it’s the first of many.


[…] Sky Windows & Idea jump! & Blahblah Blog & Just for fun & Looking in the mirror […]

  Author wrote @

Hi CordieB,

There is a new post on my site about the Photo Friday portrait week! 🙂

  SanityFound wrote @

One world, one soul, one colour 😀 Love it

  CuriousC wrote @

(I tried to comment last night but I can’t remember what happened…) WELCOME! I love the small gentle power of the rose in vivid red enjoying the shadow of the big lilies with their trumpetness and bold white and yellow finery with green fronds as adornment!


  Julie Grose wrote @

Welcome to the Photo Friday club! Look forward to your entries!

  skywindows wrote @

This is really cool!!! Welcome to photo Friday!!!

  Lou (Linda) wrote @

Hi CordieB! Very excited that you have played along with us and from the look of your first entry I am excited to see what else you’ll do in the future! I hope you keep playing. Welcome aboard!

  Cordie `B. wrote @

@Photo Friday gals. Thanks so very much for the warm welcome. I love all the pics you have submitted and have left my comments.

Julie Grose – do you have a pic for this week or a blog – I’d love to see it if you do.

Again – thanks for the warm welcome.


  cordieb wrote @

@Sanity Found – One World One Soul – Power to the OWOS People! We must keep the helping energies flowing – I’d like to see a day when no man, woman, or child will know hunger and people will embrace life and relate to their fellowman with love; not hate.

Peace, Light and Love,

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