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Online Volunteering

Cells –
Photo courtesy of  Khazaei and is licensed under the Creative Commons license
Every cell in your body agrees to work for the welfare of the whole; its individual welfare comes second.  If necessary, it will die to protect the body, and often does–the lifetime of any given cell is a fraction of our own lifetime.  Skin cells perish by the thousands every hour, as do immune cells fighting off invading microbes.  Selfishness is not an option, even it comes to a cell’s own survival.  A cell keeps in touch with every other cell.  Messenger molecules race everywhere to notify the body’s farthest outpost of desire or intention, however slight.  Withdrawing or refusing to communicate is not an option.  Cells recongize each other as equally important.  Every function in the body is interdependent with every other.  Going it alone is not an option for the human cell.    
Adapted from”The Book of Secrets, Deepak Chopra”

We could all learn something from the living cell.

My blog friend at SanityFound shared information today regarding online volunteering with the United Nations.  I thought some of you may be interested, so I’m passing on the information to you.  Sounds like a great opportunity to do something to benefit humanity; especially for those who like working on-line. 

From SanityFound: 

So what is it all about?

The programme I am involved with is run by the United Volunteers Programme in conjunction with the UN Development Programme world wide. The real beauty of this project is that UNV Online Volunteering service offers all of us around the world a way to engage in development initiatives via the Internet.

Many people in all regions of the world have the skills, knowledge, experiences, and ideas to make a difference for a project in support of the Millennium Development Goals and to strengthen the capacities of development organizations. The UNV OV service helps to find online volunteering opportunities matching your personal profile and interest. What they are looking for are people who can offer expert advice on a variety of topics, article research and editing, website development, or translations etc. Skills in project management, proposal writing, or information technology; knowledge about financial, legal or environmental issues; ideas for brochure design or a feature story; or an energetic networking activity can be the missing link to the success of a development project.

If you’re interested in joining up you can go to their site www.onlinevolunteering.org

For more info head to this page FAQS

Don’t know if it will work if you aren’t registered but lets give it a try … here is a list of the current assignments available



  SanityFound wrote @

Thanks so much for passing it on, the more people the more chance of helping this poor world! Thanks my friend Mwah SF

  cordieb wrote @

@SanityFound. What is Mwah SF? I can never get the lingo!

  SanityFound wrote @

Mwah = kisses
SF= SanityFound I get lazy lol

Still getting used to lingo myself! Mwa SF 🙂

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