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Those things that you work for a slave to encompass . . . – A Spiritual Riddle

Photo courtesty of Rosh PR, and is licensed under the Creative Commons.

In a physical world, I am with all practicality an illusion

I have been sought for throughout the years; often the culprit of mass confusion.

I am always in your reach; always in your grasp- if only you awaken

I’m a free gift, hardly every opened fully; always yours for the taking.

Some find me in humbleness; I’m theirs to obtain

But if one is not careful, I will be lost in their minds once again;

The world makes it hard to clasp unto me;

To live without conditions; to simply be.

To keep me you must be able to master ones self

So few humans achieve me completely, in spite of themselves

They live each day dreaming of a life of love with me

In an imperfect world perfected by eternity

They strive to achieve me with their materials and money

They fight wars to sustain such, in the world of milk and honey

Young women leave fathers to gain me, only to their dismay

I’m lost to their passion of simply moving away

But so soon they will loose me to another, be it husband or lover

Or the career they grow to distain, it’s usually one thing or another

Men foolishly leave their wives in search of my light

Saddened only to find more of the same in hindsight

For I’m a true illusion if one can’t shed all the layers

Of needs, ambitions, false securities and prayers

Of things that are held and things that are seen

Things that surround you – if only in dreams

The things you desire most will cost you my price

Although they seem innocent, and …all comfy and nice

Those things that you work for a slave to encompass

For which the newness or beauty seems never to last

You dare to dream of a place far away from the hustle and bustle

To a place that’s so siren and quiet; no one to bother or trouble

But you find with your tranquility there’s another price to pay

Like the luxury of running water or even a neighbor to stop by some days

For every choice you make, you might imagine you’ve lost me again

But it’s the ability to choose that really makes me your friend.

Though you fight for me; strive for me; but ‘less you die for me . . .

I am the precious gift of free will based on your limits, unlimits, and reality

You may cry many nights, fight for your rights; stand and die for your kingdom

Sadly, that unremitting need to hold tight to earthly possessions will always cost you- (Click below for the riddle’s answer)

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Happy Golden Birthday to the Peace Sign! One World One Soul!


I read on MSN this morning that this week marks the 50th anniversary of the Peace Sign. The symbol was first used in a nuclear disarmament march in a March from London to Aldermaston, Britain.  Around 5000 marchers participated in that event.

The simplistic Peace Symbol that most anyone can scribble (it took me approximately 15 minutes to do it in Illustrator) is actually quite complex. Gerald Holtom, a commercial artist, suggested that the those marching to the atomic weapons research plant in Aldermastoncarry signs painted with a neat, tidy and powerful symbol. There is meaning to each of the lines and the circle of the symbol.  The meaning originate in the words nuclear disarmament – using the N and the D from those two words and a naval flag signaling system, Holtom created the Peace Symbol. 

The Peace Symbol has been used as a visual sign of solidarity in marches for anti-violence, anti-weaponry, civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights and movements to stop wars, among many other  peace initiatives and human rights issues. Those who marched and protested for peace were often the victims of violence. Some even lost their lives. 

So today – I’d like to say, Happy Golden Anniversary, Peace Sign!  I hope that there will come a time, when you can finally retire and rest and we shall not practice hatred and war no more. 

On that note, my friend SanityFound has initiated One World One Soul – for those of us who dream of a  better world but don’t know quite what to do.  It’s a place where we can ping back on each others ideas and actually help those in need.  Check out One World One Soul  for further information. 

Peace, Light and Love,



A Spiritual Riddle

I feel like the hush of a whisper, gently blowing in the wind;
I am the warmth and light of sunshine softly caressing your skin;
I have the touch of bubbles, kissess, silk and french lace,
Brushing ever so gently upon your sweet face.

I am a cool mist alikend to a newborn baby’s breath –
softly blowing against your ears
I am the cup that catches your blood to endless depths
It is I who eases your silent fears;

I am a fountain of knowledge and wisdom; . .
I am with you from beginning till end
I am a blissfull vase full of mystery and wonderment
I am strong, yet I easily bend

I have the essense of the morning’s first dew
Like the spring’s first warm rain
It is I to whom the birds first sing at the break of dawn
I’m the mystery of midnight – yet I am not vain.

I watch over you in your travels
and pray wishes of wellness many times
You feel my sweet presense along your journey
Even through eternal space and time . . .

I bring laughter and happiness to you often
I can warm your heart with a smile
I have the fragrant alure of morning’s sweet honysicle
Come sat by my side for a while . . .

I often sat back and watch you in wonderment
Always loving througout the ages
But the essense of my real beauty
Lies in the joy in the children’s faces

I taste like sweet cotton candy dipped in lemon juice
My eyes were created to reflect peace and seduce . .
I’m easily chilled like snow flakes on the last rose of summer;
I’m remnescent of the last vision seen before slumber.

I am a colorful mozaic of joys and sorrows.
My tears help cool my soul.
The essense of serenity lies in my powers.
My true powers are yet to unfold;

I can radiate the coolness of a kiss on a foggy windowpane.
Or be as sensual as a shallow warm summer’s wave
Although I’m the ultimate protector -less I go insane,
It is I that you feel you must forever save!

I am happiness, sadness; rolled up into one
My presense is such – I’m all but I’m none

I am like the vision of a rainbow
Reflecting rays of color on a transluscent sea
I’m a trusted comfortor and nurturer;
Your humble beginnings were born within me.

I dance with the rythem of leaves blown at the first sight of fall
Sometime I do tumble, at times I might fall
Yet, I am the will of the powerless, the strength of the man
I’m God’s beautiful miracle . .
I am . . .        (click below for the riddle’s answer)

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Photo Friday – Juxtaposition

God loves all his creation! All are most wonderful and beautiful! – no matter the size, statute, color, age, fragrance or how they are juxtapositioned.


 This weeks word is Juxtaposition –

The urban dictionary definition: 1.  Contrasts and differences shown side by side or together.2.  Standing next to ugly people in order to make yourself look really hot.  


Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Juxtaposition

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