Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

I Experience and Express the power of Trust Because . . . I Put My Energy Behind the Things I Put My Trust In


There are people who could be called Godless.  For them, God does not exist.  In fact, if you ask them, they might tell you that they are the only God they know or desire to know.  You might think of these people as do-it-for-yourselfers.  In themselves they trust.

Inspite of their lack of belief as far as God is concerned, these people lead normal, healthy lives.  You might even determine that many of them are quite successful in the worldly sense.  They are professionally stable and financially secure.  They have mates and are pretty decent parents.  They may even be loyal and trustworthy friends.  Although some of us would be horrified at the thought of trying to get by without some connection to God, so-called Godless people seem to make it through life fairly well.  In fact, some of them seem to make out a great deal better than the God-knowing, God-loving, God-fearing folks.

Whatever you put your faith and the energy of your belief into will work for you if you trust it to work.  Trust, not what you trust, or what you call what you trust, is the key ingredient.  If you believe in yourself, if you trust your judgement and back it up with your sincere energy and effort, chances are you will hit the bull’s-eye.  It would probably take a little pressure off you if you understood the concepts of grace, mercy, and the divine love of God.  You might have a lot less stress if you could lift your hands and voice every now and then just to say, “Thanks You!” for Divine order, Divine timing and Divine presense.  But none of this is neccessary unless you believe it is necessary.

Until today, you may have believed that, “In God I Trust” was a prerequisite to a successful life.  Just for today, allow yourself and others the freedom to choose the name of what they believe in.  Examine how you trust rather than the name you call what you trust. 

Today I am devoted to examining and exploring the energy I give to the things I trust!

~From, Until Today, Iyanla Vanzant


  SurfaceEarth wrote @


CordieB: why is it this resonates so well with me? The name is not important, is it?

  lostwidow wrote @

” a rose by any other name…”
hmm. this is a tough one to follow. I am of the camp, ‘principals b4 personalities’ but it seems to me this blog speaks to just the opposite. But then you also say “Trust, not what you trust, or what you call what you trust, is the key ingredient.” and that made me think. Muslims believe in Allah. Allah means God. Perhaps for the self-dissolutioned democrats out there God = “trust”

  cordieb wrote @

@ Lostwidow. I would think some self-dissolutioned democrats do believe that God = “trust,” and some do not; some are self-dissolutioned, some are not. But that was not the point of the posting. Let me clarify. Whatever we trust usually will work for us, no matter what is is or what we call it. I, myself as a democrat, but not always dissolutioned as you say, but sometimes I do get somewhat dizzy minded, believe that God can not be boxed into any one concept. However, the more we, as individuals, strive to be Godly, as in goodness and all it entails, the better we will be as humans and our actions will show it. Also, our actions will have a domino effect, as it will always touch something/someone else, either for the good or the bad. Hmm. Principals b4 Personalities–Are not most of our principals based upon our personalities? When we make all decisions in direct opposition to our true personalities, we usually end up feeling disconnected, off balanced, depressed and confused. We can not continue to do that which our true self opposes and feel good. Seek your truth and trust what you you find. Strive to live by your truths (the ones you feel in your heart).
As always, Peace, Light and Love to you my friend, CordieB.

  lostwidow wrote @

haha! now i must clarify.. principals b4 personalities in the sense of how we look at others, not a sort of self-denial. That is to say looking at the bigger person, seeing people as a fellow human vs maybe an annoying voice or a personal pet peeve pursuer, for instance. And yes i agree one must have a true sense of thier inner self and thier belief in order to lessen the inner conflict of self and God – as always, thanks for your words!

  cordieb wrote @

@lostwidow. Cool!

  mireina sandoval-marrero wrote @

Iyanla came along at a point inmy life when i thought that my very sanity and physical life would die…she saved my life and inspired me tol want to become a motivational speaker by sharing my tragedies and uplifts to encourage and resurrect the very word FAITH IN ALL.

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