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We’re More Alike than Different

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Alike and Not

Simplify and ratify
Feelings that you bare
Understand how really grand
These emotions are we share
All mankind is blind
To how much we are alike
The human race is from one place
We all circle the same light
The thing that makes us individual
And not at all mutual
Is our dear sweet inner spirit
That keeps our fires lit
Without this singleness of soul
We’re like the ant in his hole
All puppets on a string
To the one who grabs the ring
Alike yet different each
As we walk along life’s beach
We share and learn from one another
Family all we are each other

–Written by Sharon Eoff

This poem is featured in Endless Mysteries, an Anthology of Poetry released by the International Library of Poetry in April 2002.

We are all connected to this vast universe. Sometimes we need to recognize and become aware of how much we are alike in order to settle our differences.   My blog friend at “Fresh Squeezed,” tagged me to answer the two questions below.    

A. List 5-10 things of commanility that you have in common with the human race and/or nature.

B. List 5-10 things that you may have in common with the human race and/or nature.

My answers are below.


A. List 5-10 things of commanility that you have in common with the human race and/or nature.

1.  We all have seasons for which we must pass.  And there is a reason for them all.

2.  We all must contribute towards the survival of our specis.

3.  We all grow older, and eventually die and errode from the effects of mother nature. 

4.  We all depend on nature to survive and the love of other human beings to thrive and flourish.

5.  We all were conceived from a host much like ourselves.

6.  Everything originated from a supreme being, who marvelled in his creation.

7.  We all have done things of which we are not proud.

8.  We all have accomplished things of which we are proud.

8.  None of us knows the answers to everything.

9.  None of us are perfect in the world’s view; but we each are perfect in God’s plan.

10.  We all have something to contribute to the world.

B. List 5-10 things that you may have in common with the human race and/or nature.

1. Some of us, including myself, may want to travel to unseen places before I’m 50.

3.  Some of us, including myself, want to grow in the ways of Jesus Christ, by showing more compassion, love and understanding towards our fellow man.

4.  Some of us, including myself, may love watching and/or listing to the roar of the ocean, the songs of the birds, the whispers of the winds, beauty of the flowers, the smell of honeysuckle, and all of God’s other awsome, wonderful gifts bestowed to us.

5.  Some of us, including myself, may have hurt other humans for no legitimate reason at times.

6.  Some of us, including myself, may have been hurt by other humans for no legitimate reason at times.

7.  Some of us, including myself, may love seeing joy in the eyes of other humans, especially the children.

8.  Some of us, including myself, have lost a love one to death; but will remember that person’s love forever.

9.  Some of us, including myself love spending time with our significant other alone.

9.  Some of us, including myself, need to  take time out just for “me” sometimes.

10.  Some of us, including myself, wonder what is the purpose of life sometimes.


Ok.  It’s tag time.  I tag my favorite bloggers and those with whom I share a kindred spirit, below.














  Shirley wrote @

Thank you Cordieb for all your beautiful work. There is so much to read on your site.

God bless you.

Shirley Buxton

  cordieb wrote @

@Shirley. Thanks Shirley for your nice comments. And, thanks again for those words you shared on your blog about bad days. I think you’re following me today. You’ve visited most of the sites I’ve visited/I’ve visited the sites you’ve visited –See, I told you, you are my angel today! You’ve been watching over over me all day today (Smile) – and each time, you left a beautiful smile to let me know you were somewhere close by (wow!).

  SurfaceEarth wrote @

So glad you joined in! Feel free to drop by and leave a tag to your site on my original post Grace was gracious enough to join in on. And, helped me discover your blog!

  SurfaceEarth wrote @

🙂 btw: really enjoy Paulo Coehlo’s works. Rereading some now.

  cordieb wrote @

@ Surface Earth: Paulo Coehlo, in my opinion, is a modern day Prophet. I truly enjoy his wisdom, insight and even his works of fiction, because each story has a lesson. Also, although Mr. Coehlo is blessed from the sales of his books, he provides alternative free versons as well, and does not mind us sharing his thoughts on our blogs, etc. Happy Good Friday. Peace, Light and Love to you and yours . . .

  Grace wrote @

Hey, Cordie! THis was really beautiful. Thank you so much for engaging in the discussion and for providing some more really wonderful ideas!

  johnnypeepers wrote @

Sorry for the delayed response Cordie. If I may be obstreperous, I wish to only address those things that we “do” have in common.

1. Duty and responsibility to love, cherish, and protect fellow humans and our earthly home.

2. An acknowledgment that love is universal and knows no artificial (man-made) boundaries.

3. An appreciation for all that was, is, and will ever be (universal consciousness).

4. I have in common with my fellow man the love of good friends, kind souls, and a full plate of food.

5. I have in common with all a need for love, comfort, security, and recognition.

6. As a commoner, organized religion (theocratic politics), racial segregation, and the financial elitists are to be denied influence and power in my life.

7. I have in common with my fellow brethren an obligation to assist those in need, the less fortunate, and the mentally ill.

8. I am child thrown arbitrarily into this world without recognition of geographic (war made) boundaries, false teachings (religion), or hatred of my co-inhabitants. I want to keep it that way.

9. I have in common a thirst for knowledge, understanding, and universal love. It is not difficult if we strive.

10. I have in common with humanity a thirst for survival, endurance, and eventual emancipation. It will be achieved.

  Cordie `B. wrote @

Thanks Peeps for sharing yourself with us. These memes are truely optional–so please don’t feel as if you had to respond. I don’t respond to many of them, or at least I haven’t responded yet – but hope to get around to them. Anywho . . . I think I already knew those wonderful things you told us about yourself; I myself, would have loved if your would have revealed a few differences, for it is in embracing differences that we truly grow beyond ourselves. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  Покер wrote @

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