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Archive for March 10, 2008

A Spiritual Riddle by CordieB – My hosts can always eradicate me if they so choose. It only takes a little effort. . .

Photo courtesy of by Flamsmark and is licensed under the Creative Commons.

I am the most unspirited spirit known to man;  Yet, I can be the most destructive or cause the most creation, depending on how I am put to use or perceived.  

I  cause many to sin . . . just because. . .

I cause depression in so many; I can even evoke anger in some.

If I go unchecked; I will cause my host to imagine that which is not real, and put my hosts into a state of imagery that has known to drive some men insane.

If I am allowed to continue to infest my host, I can produce a state of mind in which fantasy and realism blend together and are hard to distinguish apart.

Most of my hosts are totally unaware of how vicious I really am.

I am the beginning cause of many divorces and broken hearts. 

No human is immune to my wrath; I have affected the young and old; the rich and the poor; the atheist, the believer.

I sneak into the minds of men and infect their souls before they realize it.

I am the culprit of self-inflicted addictions such as pornography, alcolism, overspending, gambling, and drug addiction.

My hosts can always eradicate me if they so choose. It only takes a little effort on their part. But, I am so discreet that most humans often see me as the effect and not the root cause.

The eradication of me has changed failures into scholars; defeat to success; sadness to joy; hate to love.

Although many see me as an evil spirit, the choices one makes from my existence can be positive or negative; it’s all up to my host.  Without me, women would not be curious, and man would not be explorative.  I have existed from the begining of time.  I am an attribute to the original sin of Adam and Eve. 

Who am I . . .  (click below for answer)

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