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Which God or Goddess are You Like

Venus was the Roman goddess associated with love and beauty. She was considered the ancestor of the Roman people by way of Aeneas. She is identifiable because of her companion Cupid, and the apple with which she instigated the Trojan Wars.   Photo courtesy of 1way2rock and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

There are people out there who dont know how much we resemble our creaters. They go on living thinking that we just came to be. Thats not the case. We are here yes, but the gods and goddesses who made us, also put a little of themselves in us.  Did you know that? Did you really?

This quiz  shows a few of thousands of possibilities that we could resemble. The answer may not be what you thought, or you may not agree with it, but it still is your answer. So take the quiz and tell all your friends that you are. . . .

My results are below.   Have fun and take the quiz.  The link is under my results.  I was hoping to be like Venus, the god associated with beauty and love, but oh well.   I thought I’d be like Jesus, but Budha is like Jesus too.  Don’t you think?   I’m proud to be like Budah!  We’ll from my stats, I see that I also have a little bit of the devil in me.   I’ll have to work on that part! 

Peace, Light and Love . . . . .CordieB.

Which God or Goddess are you like?

My Result: Budha

You are Budha. You are a very peaceful person, you love all who love you. You are a cheerful personality, and you have a great sense of humor. Congratulations!! You are Budha!!

Goddess Bast
The Christian God
You are your own God or Goddess
Goddess Sekhemet
God Zeus
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The Importance of the Forrest

Photo courtesy of shapeshift and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

‘All the teachers say that spiritual treasure is something one finds alone. So why are we all here together?’ asked a disciple of the Sufi master Nasrudin.

‘You are all here together because a forest is always stronger than a lone tree,’ replied Nasrudin. ‘The forest maintains the humidity in the air, it resists the hurricane, and it helps to make the soil fertile. But what makes a tree strong is its root, and the root of one plant cannot help another plant to grow. Working together towards the same end and allowing each one to grow in his own way, that is the path for those who wish to commune with God.’

From Paulo Coelho