Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Today is Just a Routine Day

Somebody will take his or her last breath today

Somebody will lose his or her job today

Somebody will find out they have a terminal illness today

Somebody will get raped today

Somebody will suffer verbal abuse today

Somebody will be a victim of domestic violence today

Somebody will be involved in a car accident today

Somebody will have his or her house burn down today

Somebody will have a miscarriage today

Somebody will decide to end his or her marriage today

Somebody will commit suicide today

Somebody will have their spouse cheat on them today

Somebody will admit that he or she is an alcoholic today

Somebody will become homeless today

Somebody will become addicted to drugs today

Somebody will lose a loved one to death today

Somebody will be grateful today

Today is just a routine day.

By Deb


  persistentillusion wrote @

Wow. Depressing AND inspiring.

  Maryam wrote @

Good one, but wont sombody have a good day, Have a blessed day, somebody will fall in love today, Somebody will declare his/he love today …… and many such happy things too ????

  cordieb wrote @

I know. So true. I think the poet’s last verse saying someone will be grateful today reminds us to be grateful for the good days, because we could have very well been somebody. . . .

  Farhana wrote @


Great poem!
All praise is due to God for not making me that somebody..today.

Wonderful blog 🙂

Love Farhana

  lostwidow wrote @

This is how I saw everything when i first got clean and then I realized- so what, this is life.
thanks C for posting this and commenters on pointing out the differing perspective views!

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