Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.


Forgiveness is not the apology of  evil, nor the justification of mistreatment and offense.  It is the evocation, the clamor of the victim to God saying : Oh Lord take from me any poison that is in my heart, since this is like the smoke that hurts and blinds my vision.

Life must not coexist with infinite hate, on the contrary, it must return to Peace.  And when there has been affliction, physical and moral harm, then forgiveness is a miracle, which means the direct intervention of the Presence  of God.

We all make mistakes and the human being goes wrong in many ways but when there is misuse of power, abandonment, or misery, then this does not go away in a moment and traces stay. Forgiveness has the wonderful aptitude to heal these deep wounds.

To forgive is really self transformation, it is like emerging of darkness, of death. Nothing can be compared to Forgiveness. It is the conciliation of heaven and earth, the annulment of evil, of sin, of pain, of conflict and even of death. The person who forgives, discovers in his heart that God exists since  forgiveness is the understanding that allows us to receive the grace, which means, the Presence of God in the whole plenitude of the inner life.

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  lightengineer wrote @

Clear the Past: To flow in spontaneity and synchronicity, your guides advise you to forgive those who have hurt you and free your attention and energy in the past. It restores your vitality and awareness of higher vibrations. Nothing positive comes from holding on to the wounds of the past-they’re just preventing you from experiencing the blessings and guidance of today. Notice what resentments and old angers are burdening your heart. One by one, abolish these psychic chains by forgiving those involved, including yourself. Acknowledge the gifts each past injury has offer you. This will allow you to forgive more quickly. And if you’re stuck, or not in the mood to forgive, fake it. Even pretending to forgive sets the wheels of healing and higher vibration in motion. This doesn’t mean you condone anything unjust or feel it was okay for anyone to injure you, it simply means that you’re ready to move past these mistakes and seek a higher and more loving vibration. You can’t reach what your heart seeks as long as you remain psychically attached to past wounds. If you seek justice, ask your angels to render it and let go. You will immediately experience a lightening of a heart, a deeper connection to your Higher Self and your guides. In this lighter state, your guides can direct you far more easily you what will bring you peace and calm.

  cordieb wrote @

“Nothing positive comes from holding on to the wounds of the past-they’re just preventing you from experiencing the blessings and guidance of today.”

Thanks so very much lightengineer for that very wise and true insight. In our anger and resentment, we often forget how unimportant the hurtful deed is since it is clearly in the past. We sabatage our energy with negativity and thus, leave little room for positive energy, such as happiness, peace, and love. Peace, Light and Love to You and Yours, CordieB.

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  persistentillusion wrote @

“Forgiveness is not the apology of evil, nor the justification of mistreatment and offense.”

Nor is it something that compels you to to even deal with that person, or maintain the relationship that you used to have.

Great article!

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