Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Cheers to 2008. A Few New Year’s Resolutions to Pass On.

1.  Be Happy:  Leave behind all motives, causes and reasons which are not truly reasons of life.
2.  Be Truthful:  What a wicked web we weave, when first we start to deceive.
2.  Be kind: Treat everyone like you would treat a playful toddler or a little old lady.
3.  Be Responsible.  Remember that you are responsible for your life.  Don’t blame others for your perceived failures.
4.  Be gentle: leave a legacy of tenderness, warmth and happy memories.
3.  Be positive: know that whether good or bad everything will eventually change.
5.  Be hopeful: a positive vision of the future creates a positive future for your vision.
6.  Be free: free your mind and it will free your flesh – seek freedom most of all.
7.  Be brave: stand for your highest values rather than against your deepest fears. That is the way of mastery.
8.  Be wise: seek much knowledge and share it generously – this is true wisdom.
9.  Be beautiful: beauty is not the absence of flaws, it is the gracious acceptance of them.
10. Be blessed: half the value of a blessing is in realizing you’ve received it.
11. Be authentically YOU: you are divinity’s greatest gift to this universe. Share the gift of your being that is light, love and life.
12. Be Generous:  Know that you can be a blessing to someone each day. 
13. Be Humble:  Remember there is a blessing in every lesson. 14. Be Thankful:  Be thankful for the Gift of Life.
15. Be forgiving:  Forgivness frees your heart and mind.


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