Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

I open my heart and mind to be aware…everyone who grows up does not become an adult.

My New Year’s Resolution is to devote more time into growing into adulthood! 

There are people who walk around in grown-up bodies who are not adults.  Often they are people of advanced age and accomplishment.  They can be people you trust with your life and worldly possessions.  You may leave your children in their care.  In fact, if you are not observant, you may find yourself sleeping with one.  Because you are unaware, you expect these grown-ups to act in an adult manner.  Then, in a moment of dire need, when you you least expect it, you discover that this very grown-up person has no concept of what it means to be an adult.  The results can be quite mind-boggling! 

An adult is a person who is able to accept total responsibility for themselves and their actions.  They don’t employ excuses to cover what they have done or not done.  An adult is a person who is not afraid to say what is on their mind and say it without attacking you.  Adults have a sense of clarity that will keep them calm.  Adults will give themselves the benefit of the doubt, knowing that they are human.  Because adults accept and acknowledge their own humanness, they can accept and acknowledge yours.  Adults do not strive for perfection.  They see things as they are and accept them.  Adults do not fall apart in the face of disappointment.  They answer frustration with patience.  Adults know how to take care of their physical, mental and emotional needs, and they are able to put their needs aside in order to handle an emergency.  An adult is a person whose attention is not totally focused on their wants and needs.  God gets some attention, the adult gets some, and you can have the rest. 

Until today, you may have been confused about the difference between a grown-up and an adult.  Just for today, spend some time examining yourself to ensure you are developing adult quaities and behaviors.  ~From Iyanla Vanzant – Until Today


  persistentillusion wrote @

Well this post was in divine order. Not 45 minutes ago did I have a conversation with someone when I had that revelation – they did not want to hear about how they may have caused their own troubles.

I had debated being that upfront with her. But there is only so much complaining I can take before I start to consider whether I should be upfront or not. Why ask for opinion if you don’t want it?

This has indeed been revelatory. I need to stop spending time with people who blame others or events for their myriad troubles. Just because someone is nice, does not make them an adult.

I find it interesting that most successful people do not complain about lives.

I often make the mistake of thinking that if someone just saw the logic of their mistakes, then they could just adjust that so it didn’t repeat. I, of all people, should remember that we hate looking at ourselves logically.

  johnnypeepers wrote @

Always speaking the truth Cordie – great post. I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I hope you had a blessed Christmas.

  persistentillusion wrote @

Well I just read that again, and it sounds kind of pompous of me. What happened basically was that some girl was complaining about how she had three boyfriends who turned into stalkers when she dumped them.

What drove me absolutely nutso was that she thought it was some kind of a COMPLIMENT because she’s “just that good”.

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