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Good Luck (Healing Quotes)

The following message was so profound to me and hit me so directly, that I had to share it with all my spiritual brothers and sisters this morning.  It is borrowed from http://healingquotes.wordpress.com/ . These words are truely wisdomistic and spiritual; Thanks  again to http://healingquotes.wordpress.com/ for sharing:

There are times when man seems to be guided by the stars. Nevertheless, there are other times than seem to lead him to pain and misfortune. Is this a punishment ? Is this destiny ? Or is this what we commonly call luck ?  Spiritual science says that man has an inner force of an active inner will in himself and for himself. In other words, man has a creative interaction, which he forms and gets affected by. An example is ” self esteem. “ He appreciates himself and that appreciation affects what he thinks about himself. The force of his thought allows -in a certain way- that he can condition the events so that his own life can be conducted in the expression of cause  and effect. Therefore, there is neither such destiny, nor such luck. This clearly indicates that there is a proposal of life that becomes our own feelings and thoughts. As we think and as we feel, we recreate the next moment to live. But this does not mean that man has the absolute power since man is not the only one in the universe. Each one of his actions has an answer in the universe.This is the interaction of both, which has the result of what we call :  ” Destiny ” or ” Luck “. But man is the one who forges his path .To think that the events come from nowhere is to forget the force of the thought, the inner reason of the spirit of man. It is better to understand that a communion of reasons and functions exist, which have to do with our own convictions, with what we have solved or have not been able to solve .Then, there is no such luck, nor such destiny, since is the product of our own to do or not to do. Actions will always bring consequences and these consequences depend on the heart of man and his relationship with the universe, since they have a reason and purpose. To think about luck would be not to know the purpose of the Love of God towards all men. There is no chance but there is always a consequence found  in the principle of a cause, and thus until arriving to the spiritual awakening, when man is capable of surrendering his will to the Creator and when this happens, the harmony and balance will always be perfect. http://healingquotes.wordpress.com/

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  poetryman69 wrote @

Consecrating a Holy vessel for my eternal consciousness.
A new body and a new mind.

Be thankful. Blessings unto you and yours.

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