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Who are the Sarah (Saartjie) Baartman’s of Today?

A, from Cuvier; B, from Friedenthal; click here to see the whole picture and other information on external genitalia scientific research for which Sarah was used, after her life as a “dancer” fizzzled out.

Who are the Saartjie Baartman’s of Today?
Poem written by Cordieb on November 8th, 2007

Who are the Saaartjie Baartman’s of Today?
Young woman and girls thinking it’s all o.k.;
To shake, break, and use there bodies to “make a way.”

Before they know it, they’re all used up;
There mind and spirit are all abused up;
They are tossed aside like last night’s trash;
Completely burned up like a cigarette ash;

We must reach out to the Sarah wannabee’s;
Before it’s too late and destiny seizes;
Their brilliant smiles and will to live;
We must teach to them, preach to them, reach out to them;
….and be willing to give.

We must give them our time, our love and support;
We must give them our trust, and yield not to fall short;
We must tell them true beauty lies not in there asses;
Because they are genuine gems like true diamond facets.

Remind them to think like royalty and reach for a star;
To carry themselves like the queens that they are.
We must protect our young women and girls from the evil and wrath;
That can steal their hearts, body, and soul, and leave hollow carcasses in death.

Don’t Let Ms. Baartman’s life and death be all in vain
Remember the story and tell it again and again…….

For more information on the life and death of Sarah Baartman, please visit my other blog page at https://cordieb.wordpress.com/2007/10/30/who-is-saartjie-sarah-baartman/