Looking in the Mirror

Spiritual Revelations for those seeking Humanity in Humans ~~CordieB.

Your Intuitive (Inner) Voice

(Photo Courtesey of http://exper.3drecursions.com/)

“The ancients used to say that curing is not as good as caring, caring is not as good as diagnosis, diagnosis is not as good as prevention, and prevention is not as good as foreknowledge.” 

Intuition starts from keening your sense of awareness.  Listen to how people speak and everything they say.  Be aware of your surroundings; listen and stay attuned to the background noises as well as the forground noises.  Watch how people move, and you’ll gain some inside knowledge of there personality.  Each of have strong intuition, we just do not always trust and keep ourselves abreast of our it.   As you learn to become intuned with your intuition, be carefull not to confuse your intuitive voice with your intellectual voice.   Although your intellectual voice is very important, you will reach your goals faster— whether spiritual, physical, physically, or materially–by using your intuitive inner voice most often.   

As a start, study the chart below to determine if what you feel is intuitive or intellectual (taken from :


Inner Voice

 linear  circular
 limiting  expansive
 segregates  integrates
 plodding  in a flash
 pieces  whole
 judgmental  non-judgmental
 insecure  courageous
 three-dimensional  multi-dimensional
 exclusive  inclusive
 thinks it knows  it knows
 stubborn  flexible
 critical  kind
either / or  multiple choice
 doubtful  hopeful
 moody  calming
 divides  multiplies
 self-righteous  forgiving
 hesitates  resolute
 uniform  diverse
 complex  simple
 controls  surrenders
 attached  detached
 awkward  graceful
 interrupts  flowing
 boisterous  quiet
 “I should”  “I could”
 belief  faith

To get you started, watch and listen to the wisdom flash below. 

Inner Voice



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  Mario wrote @

Looking for the link, About the boy and the 4 candels, where he used the forth candel of hope to lite the other three candels, If you have it could you please forward it to mario@mariosmassage.com.
Thank you.


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